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Executive Search · Professional Recruitment

OERTZENGroup is an Executive Search and Professional Recruitment firm serving European clients with an established footprint in North America as well as those looking to enter these markets.

Our specialty includes the search for C-level Executives and mid-management professionals.

We connect European companies with highly qualified and culturally compatible candidates.

Does your recruiting partner adequately represent your brand?

Is your organization new to the U.S. market and seeking a subject-matter expert?

Have your passive methods to find talent not produced satisfactory results?

Are you looking for a trusted partner with an international mindset?

Is your HR department maxed out and overwhelmed by other tasks?

Is your answer YES to one or more of these questions? Let's talk!

How we can help

Your Search Stops Here

We connect the European business community in North America with highly qualified and culturally compatible candidates.

Our goal at OERTZENGroup is to provide your company with a holistic approach to your recruiting needs. We make the complex process of recruiting a seamless, thoughtful, and enjoyable one. We raise your brand awareness and desirability by telling your unique story and why highly qualified candidates should want to work for you.

We understand that filling critical positions with highly suitable candidates in a timely fashion is paramount to your company achieving your unique goals. Our priority is to become an extension of your recruiting department. Our search continues so that yours can stop.