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We connect European companies with highly qualified and culturally compatible candidates, providing an experienced, resourceful and approachable solution for your recruitment needs.

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OERTZENGroup is the answer to the industry’s tendency to deliver inconsistent results, impersonal relationships and rigid pricing structure. Matthias Oertzen, the founder, felt the need to respond with an alternative that offers expertise in executive and professional recruitment with the flexibility to adapt to current and local markets.

The OERTZENGroup is able to provide a customized service offering, using resources intelligently to deliver results our clients require, in a simple and effective way. As our client, you will have a truly one-on-one experience that is catered to your needs. We will make finding the right match an effortless and effective process for you.

Our Mission Statement

We connect the European business community in North America with highly qualified and culturally compatible candidates.

Meet the Team

Founder & Managing Director

Operations Excellence Manager

Senior Recruiter

Junior Recruiter

Marketing Coordinator

Talent Acquisition Specialist

“We understand that filling critical positions with highly suitable candidates in a timely fashion is paramount to your company achieving your unique goals. Our priority is to become an extension of your recruiting department.”

At OERTZENGroup we believe in being EPICCC.


Do the right thing when no one else is looking.


Take control and make things happen rather than adjusting to a situation.


Constantly challenge the status quo, whether it be technology, process or method.


Display a sincere interest in our client’s industry and products.

Customer centric

Look from the outside in and not the other way around.


Internal and external drive to communicate better.

Matthias Oertzen

Founder & Managing Director

A native of Germany, Matthias moved to Atlanta in 2005 and earned a bachelor’s degree in Managerial Science from Georgia State University. Having served as a Consultant at the German American Chamber of Commerce and as a Managing Director for a mid-size German company, Matthias understands the issues international companies face when entering the U.S. market.

After a successful journey as a Principal Consultant in an international recruitment agency, Matt decided to take a leap of faith and created the OERTZENGroup.

Matthias’ multicultural and bilingual background, paired with his long-standing experience as a manager and consultant for international clients, enables him to “walk in his clients’ shoes” and recommend customizable recruitment solutions, which allows them to focus on their core competencies rather than having to expend valuable resources in identifying and recruiting talent. Matthias strives to be a trusted advisor and uses his background to inquire about his clients’ needs, challenges, and cultural environment before recommending potential talent.

Camille Grant

Operations Excellence Manager

Camille grew up in France where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing.

She joined the French American Chamber of Commerce in Atlanta in 2014 which provided her with great insight on how to support and promote international business opportunities in the US. She later managed the office for a French company in Atlanta, learning all facets of running a business before serving with the French Consulate. Her passion for recruiting started in 2017 when she joined an international recruitment agency working alongside Matthias.

Camille is a customer-centric leader at heart. She is passionate about anticipating client’s needs and empowering them to build winning teams globally. With extensive experience in operations, project management, marketing and human capital, Camille has gained valuable skills allowing her to deliver superior service to the OERTZENGroup and its valued customers.

Camille is a food, travel, and photography enthusiast, but what she enjoys most is spending time with her family.

Stephan Scheibe

Senior Recruiter

Stephan moved to the U.S. from Germany in 2012 and holds dual citizenship. Having a passion for the United States, he decided to spend a high school year at a U.S. Military Academy in New York. Subsequently, he earned a law degree from Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel, Germany.

Before relocating to the U.S., Stephan worked for Caterpillar Motoren in their legal department in Kiel, Germany. He then started at the German American Chamber of Commerce in Atlanta to later serve as a Plant Manager for a German automotive Tier 1 company in GA.
Working in an international corporate environment for over a decade, Stephan understands the challenges and specialties that companies face in bilateral markets. As a Sr. Recruiter for OERTZENGroup, he works towards finding the best possible solutions and opportunities for our customers in this environment while using his solid technical and business insight to best serve their recruitment needs.

In his free time, Stephan enjoys traveling and exploring new countries and food. He is a big fan of hiking in the Smokey Mountains and the beaches in Mexico.

Alexia Falkenberg


Alexia was raised in El Salvador, where she grew up in a multicultural environment speaking Spanish, German and English fluently at a young age.

She moved to the U.S. in 2010 and earned her business management degree at Louisiana State University. Following the completion of her studies she started her career at the German American Chamber of Commerce, specializing in recruiting for German SMEs in the U.S.

Alexia then moved to Barcelona to pursue a master’s degree in Marketing and lived in Berlin for a few years before moving to Atlanta.

Her diverse experiences have nurtured her excellent intercultural communication skills, which paired with her empathetic nature, enabling her to deeply understand our clients and candidates’ needs while fostering long-lasting relationships. She enjoys being a partner to our clients and helping them achieve their business goals by building successful and strong teams.

Outside of her professional life, Alexia enjoys cooking, traveling, playing tennis, and spending quality time with her family and friends.

Sheriden Kircher


Sheriden grew up in Germany and moved to the United States when she was 16 years old where she graduated with a Bachelor in Communication and a Masters in Organizational Leadership.

After graduating she moved to Atlanta to work for a German manufacturing company and was able to spend time at their Headquarters in Germany to gain further understanding of the organization.

This experience allowed her to better understand the intercultural differences and challenges that European companies encounter in the U.S. market.

Her passion for recruitment started in 2019 while working for a recruiting agency. She thrives on building genuine and long-lasting relationships with her clients and candidates and believes in the importance of effective communication as a necessary attribute to assist clients in building successful teams.

In her free time, Sheriden enjoys spending time with her family and labradoodle. They enjoy spending time outdoors, traveling to new places and learning about different cultures.


Laura Wagner

Junior Recruiter

Native to the Metro-Atlanta area, Laura grew up just north of the city and attended nearby Kennesaw State University. While pursuing her undergraduate degree in German Applied Business, she spent time studying in Münster and interning in Berlin. 

Laura began her career in recruitment and talent acquisition at a multinational consulting firm headquartered in Germany. Specializing in German Mittlestand companies in the industrial manufacturing industry, she developed a keen eye for identifying high-quality talent for both executive and professional level positions across the US and Canada. She quickly became known for her ability to build long lasting professional relationships with candidates that extend beyond the hire date.  

Laura was eager to join the OERTZENGroup, where she has further developed her skills in identifying and recruiting top talent for various industries, working closely with clients to understand technical requirements as well as company culture.

When she’s not busy sourcing candidates or conducting interviews, Laura enjoys pursuing her athletic interests in the pool and on the pickleball court. 

Annika Hausler

Marketing Coordinator

Annika grew up in Germany where she graduated with a design degree and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. She gained her first marketing experience working closely with the marketing manager of a medium-sized company in Germany. Shortly after, Annika moved to the United States and freelanced for many years as a marketing strategist and designer for multiple startups.

Annika is a driven marketer with a passion for creativity and a keen eye for details. As a Brand & Community Specialist at the OERTZENGroup, she will help build and strengthen the OERTZENGroup brand as well as establish the Westbound Podcast.

When Annika is not working, she usually dives into art projects, spends time with friends, or discovers new recipes. Her interest in travel started in 2016 when she traveled and lived in six different countries for multiple years.

Having worked with numerous different cultures, she understands the intercultural challenges that European companies encounter when entering the U.S. market.

MJ Christ

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Born and raised in the U.S., MJ developed a deep passion for international cultures and languages, which prompted him to pursue a bachelor’s degree at Kennesaw State University. His studies focused on German language and included a five-semester role as the university’s German tutor, alongside enriching study abroad experiences in Münster and Paderborn.

MJ is known for his quick learning abilities and his commitment to team growth, regularly contributing new ideas to enhance company outreach. Drawing from a decade of experience with the German language and culture, he has joined the OERTZENGroup as a Talent Acquisition Specialist. With a meticulous attention to detail and an eagerness to expand his skill set, he looks forward to making valuable contributions to both business development and talent acquisition.

Outside of work, MJ is an avid outdoorsman, frequently engaging in hiking and camping activities. His passion for history and ancient languages is evident in his personal studies, and he is also a devoted consumer of compelling narrative stories.

Kristina Stauf

Account Executive

Kristina was born and raised in Germany. She has completed her studies in Germany, Austria and Argentina and holds a master’s degree in Strategic Management from the University of Innsbruck and a bachelor’s degree from the International School of Management in Dortmund.

Kristina started her career in business development with the IT service provider for the worldwide network of German Chambers of Commerce.

Following that, she fostered transatlantic business relations while leading the North & South Carolina office for the German American Chamber of Commerce.

Most recently, she served as Deputy Managing Director for the South Carolina Department of Commerce’s Europe Office which promotes Foreign Direct Investment from Europe to the US.

Kristina joins OERTZENGroup as an Account Executive. Her background in economic development and her experience in supporting European companies enter and grow in the US market – from both sides of the Atlantic – helps her understand our clients’ needs and challenges.

Melissa Frankovits

Senior Recruiter

Born and raised in a multi-cultural family in Germany, Melissa graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Management and started her career in an international client-facing role with SAP SE. When she was offered a job in South Carolina a few years later to help build up a German start-up company in the automotive industry, she decided to move to the US. She later joined an international leading material handling company in Atlanta as an Account Manager, serving multiple Fortune 500 companies and supporting them run smooth day-to-day operations.

Melissa brings valuable operations and supply chain management knowledge as well as account management experience to OERTZENGroup, which equips her to understand our clients’ needs. Throughout her career, she has also played a key role in overcoming cultural differences and building international teams and is determined to support our clients in creating their winning team.